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Befriending People in Dallas Who Are Homeless

Guest Writers From the Street? March 29, 2008

Filed under: Christianity,healing,homelessness,hunger,inspiration,Vocation — Karen Shafer @ 1:08 pm

I have long wanted to have guest writers on this blog — especially people who live on the street — but never got down to figuring out how to implement it. Perhaps this will be the way!

Today I received this comment on ‘Blogger Profile’ from my friend, Reagan, with whom I work on Friday nights at the Day Resource Center. She is one of a very dedicated group of people from Northwest Bible Church, who bring dinner to over 200 homeless individuals every Friday and have done so for many years.

These people do much more than serve dinner, however. They befriend street people in a very personal way, pray with and for them, and many of their number support homeless individuals quietly and without fanfare, helping them in countless ways with transportation, doctor visits, clothing needs, paperwork issues, and, above all, love, support and genuine friendship. The word ‘volunteer’ doesn’t even begin to cover it. They enter into real relationship and commitment with people from the street. [Website:]

“Hi, Karen-

I’ve been thinking about you lately and have missed you the last couple of weeks at the DRC Friday nights! 

I met a woman tonight, Sherry, who lives on the street and writes about her experiences. Prose and poetry, and I really enjoyed hearing some excerpts. Do you know a way or a connection so that her stuff might be read? either on a blog or in a publication? Just a thought.


“Hi, Reagan,

It’s great to hear from you. I’ve missed being there on Friday nights the past few weeks, but will be coming next week.

I would love to invite Sherry and other people who live on the street to write guest posts on this blog! What do you think?  Leave it to wonderful you to help create another level to this blog which I had in the back of my mind when I began it but hadn’t thought how to implement! Synergy and Spirit, eh?

Blessings! — which you and the amazing Friday night crew from Northwest Bible Church bring in spades to our friends at the Day Resource Center!



2 Responses to “Guest Writers From the Street?”

  1. Nancy Says:

    Why don’t you set up a voice of the homeless blog.

    They probably wouldn’t be able to set up their own blog since the library computers probably have limits on them.

    You could be the blog administrator and post for them.

    There was a blog by a guy who was/is homeless, he went to the library and emailed his posts to someone else who posted his entries for him. (I can’t remember what it is, I found it a couple of years ago and have lost it) Anyway, it has been done and I remember him as someone who had some interesting things to say.

    There is always a workaround, sometimes it isn’t the easiest but it is there.

    Just an idea.

  2. Karen Shafer Says:

    Yes, great idea. I’ll work on it — thanks for commenting, N! I also think that would make a good name: Voice of the Homeless or similar. Karen

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