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Street Voices: Sherry Parker, Poet April 4, 2008

Filed under: homelessness,hunger,inspiration,Street Voices,Vocation — Karen Shafer @ 9:53 pm

Tonight, I sat on the parking lot of the Day Resource Center and took dictation of this poem from gifted poet, Sherry Parker. Sherry, much like myself, doesn’t really ‘do’ technology. With her permission, I publish it here. Many thanks to our friend, Reagan, for arranging my meeting with Sherry tonight and for recognizing her talent.

Sherry has lived on the street for twenty years. What she wishes me to say about her is that she’s “not running on empty.”


Always and Forever
by Sherry Parker
April 13, 1981

Expecting to arrive,
I got there — never,
Not remembering back
Or looking forward either.
And now that I’m here,
I wonder whether
I expect to be here forever.

I had a good time,
Waiting to turn twenty.
Having passed my purity,
Still, I learned plenty.
Passing by my hopes and dreams,
Somehow left me empty,
Searching for security.

Expecting forevers,
I’m enjoying the ride,
Biding my time,
Expecting to hide.
Walking thin lines
And laughing inside.
To live and accept
Is so much better.

Expecting forevers,
I’ll get there somehow.
I don’t know where or when,
But I surely do know how.
I’m biding my time
And laughing inside.
To live and accept
Is always better.

[copyright Sherry Parker]


2 Responses to “Street Voices: Sherry Parker, Poet”

  1. carlos gomez Says:

    what a beautiful poem. Exepecting to arrive I got there never. this is so deep. its like I am here right now this moment, yet I have not arrived. because I am in the past and the furtrue as I live and breath today I am waiting to be born and resurrcted. traveling down the road of life arriving at forever.

    Sincerely Carlos Gomez

  2. Karen Shafer Says:

    I love Sherry’s poetry, too. She is working on some more pieces that I hope to post here soon, but she still wants to polish them and is sending them through our mutual friend and the person who ‘discovered’ her talent, Reagan. I can’t wait to read them.


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