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Street Voices: Sherry Parker, Poet June 27, 2008

Friday, June 27, 2008                                                                                                                                

Tonight at the Bridge while helping out with dinner, I was handed a privilege I never expected.  Poet Sherry Parker (see post on this blog April 4) put her poetry journal in my hands as she came through the food line, let me bring it home, and told me I could publish anything I wish from it.

The book she loaned me is a beautiful, red leather-bound journal given to her by Reagan, who has worked with Our Calling Ministries at the Day Resource Center for years and who befriended Sherry and discovered her talent. So, once again, the honor of putting Sherry’s words on this blog…


Between Blisters and Falling Stars                                                                                               

by Sherry Parker


Between blisters — and falling stars —

     I will outlast the rain:

Another calling

     from somewhere far —

I’m not playing,

     yet, again…


Sunrises do come —

     Promises disclosed…

A brand new day —

    All is silent.

A beautiful picture



The blister will heal;

     The rain will end.

The sun will rise again.


Still, there will be silence.


[copyright Sherry Parker, 2008]


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