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Befriending People in Dallas Who Are Homeless

Hot Off the Presses! DMN’S Kim Horner & Courtney Perry March 28, 2009


Saturday, March 28, 2009


Hot Off the Presses!

Kim Horner and Courtney Perry of the Dallas Morning News 

on Homelessness in Dallas


A friend just brought me the early edition of the Dallas Morning News for Sunday, March 28, 2009, which he knew I’d want right away.  Front and center on page 1A is the first in a series of articles by Kim Horner, with photographs by Courtney Perry, on homelessness in Dallas, with an emphasis on the ‘chronically homeless.’


In reading the article, I was impressed by Kim’s sensitive and comprehensive grasp of this very complicated and heart-rending issue.  I learned a great deal that I didn’t know about aspects of the problem that I never see.  I think this first installment is excellent and goes beyond anything I’ve previously read on the subject here in Dallas.  As usual, Kim is balanced and non-polemical while, I believe, laying out the complex challenges involved in addressing the problems covered.


Courtney’s photographs are excellent and show us that she’s been places in the city that few of us will ever go, not surprising for this intrepid photographer.  


Kim and Courtney have really done their homework for this series of articles.   I look forward to future installments.  I’m thinking ‘Pulitzer.’  What do you think?


By the way, SoupMobile gets a mention in the section, ‘Reaching out to the homeless:  Other social services’.  Well deserved!





4 Responses to “Hot Off the Presses! DMN’S Kim Horner & Courtney Perry”

  1. Courtney Says:

    You are too kind. Thank you so much for your support and for you and David’s insight and access. Kim and I learned a great deal by going out with you two, and your presence put people at ease with us. I look forward to seeing more of you this year!


  2. Karen Shafer Says:


    It was one of the great privileges of recent years to work with you and Kim. AND, it was great fun.

    You both have my utmost respect and admiration. As I told my daughters, I hope I can be like the two of you when I grow up! (Oops, I think I’m twice your age!)

    Kindest Regards,

  3. Bert Says:

    Well you are cooking on all burners, which means more food is on the way and this time it will be organic.

    I hope to complete my social conciouness session with the After School Academy children this week with the intent to develope empathy for their homeless neighbors and the need to show respect for all of humanity.

    It will be helpful for them to have closer engagement thru the gardening project, so that the learning is reinforced again.
    I will make special note to help them recognize the restrictions in the diets of homeless people not having access to refrigerators like they have at home, and of course we will assemble the hygiene packs as planned.

    Can’t wait to “dig deeper” into the garden of compassion with you guys.

  4. Karen Shafer Says:

    Thanks, Bert. Sounds like you’re doing a super job with the kids!

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