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Mac or No Mac? July 6, 2009

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Monday, July 6, 2009

Mac or No Mac?


A week and a half ago, my MacBook gave its little all and went ‘belly up.’  Being unplugged was traumatic for the first few days, but then I began to feel surprisingly, exhilaratingly free.


However, it’s not really a possibility to stay unplugged for long in our culture, is it?  And I’m sure it would have gotten weird to have gone on much longer.  Still, I was surprised that the longer I was without the internet and email, the less I missed it.


That said, tonight I took my MacBook into the Apple store in Northpark for an appointment that was to be either its autopsy or its organ transplant.  Hooray!!!  It was the latter.  The lovely guy at the Genius Bar told me after about three minutes that it was the battery that was the problem.  Then he plopped a new one in, closed the computer and handed it to me.  “How much?” I asked warily.  “Oh, no charge,” he smiled.  Full of unanticipated glee, I blew a kiss to this long-haired perfect stranger — which he thought was pretty funny.  His t-shirt said, quite rightly, ‘Not All Heroes Wear Capes.’


This — and my pathetically inadequate computer-capable DNA — is why I LOVE MY MAC.




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