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Blog Sabbatical March 11, 2010

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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Dear Readers,

My blog has decided it needs a Spring Break Sabbatical.  Not that it actually accomplishes so much that it really warrants a vacation, in my opinion.  It’s telling me that it’s been in business for two years as of Valentine’s Day. Whatever.

I’ll be the first to admit that it doesn’t always live up to the work ethic that I, as its mother, hold for it, but I don’t want to be overly critical.  It has a life of its own, after all.  And I have to acknowledge that, even if one doesn’t hear from it all that often, it does indeed ponder the problems and issues it addresses much of the time — so perhaps it needs a breather.

To these ends, (and acknowledging a certain unhealthy co-dependence between myself and my blog), I’m respecting its wishes and taking a break, too.  If you want me to email you when we come back, send me a message at this address and I’ll do so:

“The Garden” <>

Thank you so very much for reading,